Although 2020 and the start of 2021 has been a challenging time for everyone, the team at GolPhin For Kids have never been busier and continue to build their brand globally. In 2020 the Ayrshire based company were awarded “Best Kids Clubs” by Golf Digest, an accolade they have won 3 out the last 4 years. The 2 models, the GFK and the GFK+ are enjoyed by kids all over the world. The GFK are specifically designed for beginners aged 3-10yrs and the GFK+ for the more advanced player aged 7-14yrs. The equipment harnesses aerospace technology to produce age appropriate clubs and balls designed to do one thing above all else, make the game fun from the very first hit with very easy to use equipment.

EdugolPhin Pyramid of Progression

And it doesn’t stop there for GolPhin, far from it. Last January the company launched a MyPathway2Golf digital app at The PGA Show in Orlando and also created a golf education programme for both primary and secondary schools. “The app is amazing”, said PGA Professional and GolPhin’s Managing Director Alan Tait. “The feedback we have had from fellow pros / coaches and the kids themselves has been overwhelming.

The app allows the coach to communicate with the kids and the families through the app, as the children progress through 6 levels from bronze to diamond on a Pyramid of Progression. The coach can assign the children skills tests for on and off the course, send them quizzes and tips and can also upload their own videos via the app. Connectivity with the children is absolutely key, as is having a tool to actually measure their progress. The kids love it and it really makes it fun for them. The app plays a huge part in recruiting and retaining juniors at clubs and venues”, Tait said.

EdugolPhin schools programme

Since the launch of the pilot for the EdugolPhin schools programme, over 19,000 kids have been introduced to golf with a conversation rate of 9.8%, meaning almost 1,900 kids have taken up the game regularly at local participating MyPathway2Golf venues to continue their golfing journey. All the GolPhin activities in the school are aligned to the national curriculum so the children are learning and achieving a range of positive outcomes whilst developing their golf skills.

GolPhin have also just launched the “The MyPathway2Golf Junior Team Championships” an exciting team event for all clubs to participate in, with the national final being hosted at Turnberry on Thursday 5th August and will have 3 different age categories. For more details on this fantastic event, please send your enquiry to

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