Tournament: ISPS HANDA Australian Open
DP World Tour Rankings: Tournament 3 of 39 events
Venue: Victoria GC and Kingston Heath GC, Melbourne, Australia
Prize Fund: AU$1,700,000
Hashtag: #AusOpenGolf #DPWT

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – DECEMBER 02: Adam Scott of Australia tees off during Day 2 of the 2022 ISPS HANDA Australian Open at Victoria Golf Club on December 02, 2022 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Daniel Pockett/Getty Images)

Round Two Report

Adam Scott eagled the last in a brilliant course-record-equalling 63 to share the lead with David Micheluzzi heading into the weekend at the ISPS HANDA Australian Open.

The 2009 champion had started the day six shots behind fellow home favourite and overnight leader Micheluzzi but carded five birdies and that closing eagle at Victoria Golf Club to soar to the summit at eight under.

Former World Number One Scott admitted he had been frustrated with his 71 on day one but was glad to harness all his experience as he looks for DP World Tour win number 12 and a second on home soil.

Micheluzzi had maintained his three-shot advantage for much of the day but bogeyed the 16th and last at Kingston Heath Golf Club to sign for a 71.The 26-year-old was relishing the chance to play in the final group on Saturday with 2013 Masters Tournament Champion Scott and was proud of himself for staying under par in round two.

Geary shot a 69, while Barron and Wiebe both recorded rounds of 68 to sit a shot ahead of Dane Nicolai Højgaard, German Velten Meyer, Frenchman Pierre Pineau and home duo Cameron Percy and Shae Wools Cobb.

Australia’s Hannah Green leads the women’s event on 11 under, while World Number One Kipp Popert has a one stroke advantage over Ireland’s Brendan Lawlor in the Australian All Abilities Championship @ the ISPS HANDA Australian Open.

Player Quotes

Adam Scott:
“I kind of tempered my expectations on everything, my own ability today and what I can do to the golf course. I really felt like I had to come out here, really not take any chances, not push anything.  If it was tricky at all, to play safe. I executed most of the day, so even when I laid back, I managed to put it in a good spot still and take the trouble out and not make any errors.

“Maybe not so much tomorrow.  It’s spread a little bit, the leaderboard, I guess, although I didn’t have a good look at it and hopefully I can keep running in this direction tomorrow. It’s always nice when the tournament can take a lot of players out of it. If I can play well tomorrow and anyone else can come with and it’s only a few guys in it, that’d be a great position for Sunday. Then maybe I have some advantage from experience.

“I hit some much better shots today. I’d be lying if I said I’m 100 per cent confident with exactly where it’s going, but I had a better idea today. To get yourself back to that 100 per cent confidence you have to let go of some of the inhibition or the fear of it going offline and just swing the club and that’s kind of what I was telling myself to do most of the day, just look at the target where I want to hit it and set up and swing. I think I was just trying too hard to swing good yesterday and just making it hard for myself to even swing the club, so I did the opposite today.

“Yeah, I think if I win, sure. I like the story, it’s good. I have really enjoyed my six rounds of golf in Australia. I feel like in Brisbane the crowd support was great. Here today being the main venue I thought was a fantastic turn out. Just going off the first, even Harrison made comment like there was a lot of people and that’s a great vibe. It’s great to see everyone coming back to play and the game of golf.”

David Micheluzzi: “It was a grind. I didn’t hit it my best. Definitely not like yesterday. Sixteen is such a hard tee shot. I only hit three drivers today and they were all awful. My plan at the start of the day was to hit two-iron down there and if I make bogey, I make bogey, it doesn’t matter. I feel like if I can get around the front edge and two-putt, it will feel like a birdie. You will see over the course of the two days how hard that hole played.

“The last was just a bad iron shot into the last. That was it. Left myself in not the greatest spot possible but all in all I’m pretty happy with the way I ground it out. The way I hit it was awful so to shoot under par around this course that scares the living daylights out of me, I’m pretty happy.

“It’s pretty cool. It’s one of the things I’ve dreamed of, Australian Open with Scotty, yeah, yeah, it will be insane. The amount of people that will be there and all that will be pretty cool. I’m just looking forward to it.

“I’m just going to go out and play some golf. If it’s good enough it’s good enough, if not, won’t stress. I know I’m playing good golf going into next year or going into the next couple of events after this. I’ll just keep plugging away at it and if it happens it happens. If not, then so be it, go on to the next one.”

Round Two Scores
 134 A SCOTT (AUS) 71 63, D MICHELUZZI (AUS) 63 71, 
 137 J GEARY (NZL) 68 69, H BARRON (AUS) 69 68, G WIEBE (USA) 69 68, 
 138 C PERCY (AUS) 70 68, S WOOLS COBB (AUS) 72 66, P PINEAU (FRA) 67 71, N H?JGAARD (DEN) 67 71, V MEYER (GER) 68 70, 
 139 A MERONK (POL) 73 66, M JONES (AUS) 70 69, J NORRIS (AUS) 71 68, T LEWIS (ENG) 68 71, D LAWSON (AUS) 69 70, 
 140 J FELTON (AUS) 73 67, R HISATSUNE (JPN) 70 70, D PAPADATOS (AUS) 73 67, P LONARD (AUS) 70 70, M LEE (AUS) 70 70, C PURCELL (IRL) 68 72, 
 141 H HOPEWELL (AUS) 73 68, W DING (AM) (CHN) 72 69, A GARCIA-HEREDIA (ESP) 75 66, M GRIFFIN (AUS) 66 75, R FOX (NZL) 73 68, Z MURRAY (AUS) 71 70, T KANAYA (JPN) 69 72, J PARRY (ENG) 71 70, S ARNOLD (AUS) 70 71, L TOOMEY (NZL) 71 70, 
 142 K OKADA (AM) (JPN) 70 72, D BRANSDON (AUS) 73 69, M SIM (AUS) 73 69, A MARTIN (AUS) 73 69, J SCRIVENER (AUS) 72 70, L HERBERT (AUS) 70 72, J MUNRO (AUS) 72 70, D HORSEY (ENG) 71 71, C MCKINNEY (AUS) 67 75, L JOHNSTON (SCO) 69 73, 
 143 N FLANAGAN (AUS) 72 71, D HILLIER (NZL) 75 68, J WARREN (AUS) 73 70, J LYRAS (AUS) 72 71, K REITAN (NOR) 73 70, C DAVIS (AUS) 73 70, J THOMPSON (AUS) 73 70, M ANTCLIFF (AUS) 74 69, H ENDYCOTT (AUS) 68 75, D ACKERMAN (USA) 71 72, J ARMSTRONG (AUS) 70 73, L HIGGINS (AUS) 68 75, E SMYLIE (AUS) 69 74, D GALE (AUS) 73 70, A CA?IZARES (ESP) 70 73, T PILKADARIS (AUS) 70 73, C DANN (AUS) 71 72, 
 144 M MILLAR (AUS) 72 72, B COLLYER (AUS) 72 72, G CHALMERS (AUS) 71 73, J MORGAN (AUS) 72 72, K BITTLE (NZL) 72 72, J HUGHES (AUS) 72 72, C SMITH (AUS) 71 73, R H?JGAARD (DEN) 72 72, M MCCARDLE (AUS) 74 70, C WOOD (AUS) 69 75, P WILSON (AUS) 73 71, T POWER HORAN (AUS) 70 74, J MURDOCH (AUS) 70 74, 
 145 J MARCHESANI (AUS) 74 71, J HIGGINBOTTOM (AUS) 75 70, L FLYNN (AUS) 73 72, D PERRY (AUS) 76 69, M WRIGHT (AUS) 77 68, A PIKE (AUS) 74 71, D KLEIN (AUS) 72 73, D HOWELL (ENG) 72 73, M LEISHMAN (AUS) 70 75, A BAUTISTA (AUS) 72 73, N VOKE (NZL) 68 77, D BLING (USA) 69 76, T SINNOTT (AUS) 69 76, H BATEMAN (NZL) 72 73, S EAVES (AUS) 74 71, 
 146 C CRAWFORD (AUS) 72 74, L TIGHE (AUS) 74 72, S STRANGE (AUS) 77 69, B WHARTON (AUS) 73 73, S HAWKES (AUS) 74 72, H CROWE (AM) (AUS) 74 72, D LOYPUR (AUS) 71 75, B WINDRED (AUS) 72 74, A WILKIN (AUS) 70 76, M FRASER (AUS) 70 76, M HENDRY (NZL) 72 74, L DOBBELAAR (AUS) 72 74, L BARKER (AUS) 72 74, Z GARCIA (AUS) 67 79, 
 147 J ARNOLD (AUS) 75 72, C JOHN (AUS) 76 71, B ECCLES (AUS) 73 74, J BUGDALSKI (AUS) 73 74, M STIEGER (AUS) 75 72, B COLETTA (AUS) 72 75, J WANG (KOR) 76 71, S ALLAN (AUS) 73 74, K MCBRIDE (AUS) 75 72, L BROWN (NZL) 72 75, J ZUNIC (AUS) 70 77, S JEFFRESS (AUS) 72 75, B RANKIN (AUS) 73 74, R CHISNALL (NZL) 72 75, 
 148 R BLIZARD (AUS) 76 72, R MCEVOY (ENG) 74 74, D O’LOUGHLIN (ENG) 77 71, D IEREMIA (NZL) 68 80, D BECK (AUS) 73 75, P COOKE (AUS) 68 80, 
 149 J MACKENZIE (AUS) 77 72, D BRERETON (AUS) 77 72, A BLYTH (AUS) 77 72, G OGILVY (AUS) 72 77, T WALKER (AM) (AUS) 75 74, C ECCLESTON (AUS) 81 68, P SAGOO (ENG) 70 79, Y LIU (CHN) 74 75, 
 150 N BARBIERI (AUS) 78 72, A HALL (AUS) 77 73, J CARTER (AUS) 75 75, E DONOGHUE (AUS) 79 71, J MCLEOD (AUS) 76 74, C BARROW (ENG) 77 73, P O’MALLEY (AUS) 71 79, J BUCHANAN (AM) (AUS) 74 76, 
 151 J SENDEN (AUS) 75 76, T KENNEDY (AUS) 75 76, P FOWLER (AUS) 73 78, J MULLANEY (AUS) 72 79, 
 152 C LEE (NZL) 80 72, W ORMSBY (AUS) 71 81, 
 153 K MUIR (NZL) 81 72, J GUAN (AM) (AUS) 79 74, 
 154 O FARR (WAL) 78 76, B PROVERBS (AUS) 76 78, B CAMPBELL (AUS) 81 73, 
 155 W HEFFERNAN (AUS) 79 76, T HART (AUS) 78 77, 
 158 B BECKER (AUS) 75 83, M HUTSON (NZL) 78 80, 
 161 A CAMPBELL (AUS) 82 79,