Caddy Charger Advert

The in-car charger to keep you and your caddy on course. no carrying in and out of your home.

Be fully charged in under an hour for 18 holes!

Rachel Jennings – Ladies European Tour Pro endorses Caddy Charger

Caddy Charger is the perfect, UK-developed solution that allows you to drive home from the golf course and return the following day with a fully-charged trolley battery. no carrying in and out of your home, no draining your car battery while the engine is running and fully charged in under an hour.

Lightweight and handily-sized, it has easy, worldwide use. The new Caddy Charger is available in lead or lithium option and comes with adapters to suit all.

3 simple, easy steps to Caddy Charger!

step 1. Carefully
place the battery in
the boot of your car.

Keeping You and Your Caddy On Course …

step 2. Connect
your lead acid or
lithium battery with
the adapter from
Caddy Charger.

step 3. plug into your
12v supply/ cigarette
lighter and turn on the
engine then leave to
charge. ready in less
than an hour for 18

power for
18 holes in
less than an

1 hour

For more information check out the Caddy Charger website: