As the world and its Governments wake up to ecological issues we think every tiny positive action builds up to a healthier planet.

Golf One8 can change that one tee at a time.

With 1.5 billion tees manufactured globally every year Golf One8 think that adds up to a big change. Let’s see what we can do on every round.

7 reasons to purchase

1.  Bamboo is strong, sustainable, durable and biodegradable which is positive both environmentally and for your game.

2.  They’re ridiculously more durable than wooden tees with a lot less snappingso we’re preserving your pocket.

3.  They’re eco-friendly too, unlike plastic, so we’re preserving the planet!

4.  Plastic tees can take up to 450 years to decompose and even their manufacture is harmful.

5.  Bamboos natural growth rate, an impressive 100 – 900mm per day, gives it an unprecedented sustainability count. Clearly better than the cedar often used for wooden tees.

6.  Importantly, bamboo needs no pesticides to cultivate and little water compared to trees.

7.  Packaged in recyclable Kraft paper with a resealable, reusable zip we’ve taken a stance on single-use plastic. We’re seeking to eradicate it.